About Us

Project Match is a marketplace and resource platform that helps in digitization of MSMEs by linking them to startups who provide the much needed digital solutions and technology. This is complemented by access to learning resources where both MSMEs and startups can gain knowledge and guidance through learning materials/ resources and mentorship that is needed to drive the matching process. To further augment this, access to finance is included as well to provide means for MSMEs to finance their growth.  

Project Match is seen as a catalyst in not only jumpstarting the digital transformation of MSMEs but more importantly contributing to the reinvigoration of the Philippine economy. The growth of the MSMEs will pave the way towards the country’s economic rebound leading to employment, innovation, and sustainability for many. 

Project Match, is an 18-month activity implemented by StartUp Village with grant support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). StartUp Village (SUV) is a one-stop startup enabler that enables and supports startups to bring their unique ideas to reality. SUV helps connect great ideas or great people to potential mentors, clients, partners, and investors. On the other hand, the USAID DELIVER Project assists the Philippines government- primarily at the national level- while forging partnerships with the private sector, civil society, industry players and other development stakeholders. Both organizations are working together to help promote economic competitiveness and inclusivity to boost trade, investment, and productivity.