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Ronin Business Ideas and Management Solutions Inc.



Ronin Business Ideas and Management Solutions Inc.




Our Company, Ronin Management Consultancy and Holdings Limited (RMCHL) is a business management consultancy and investment holding company based in Hong Kong.

RMCHL is comprised of well-rounded individuals with competencies in legal, accounting and financial matters. It is headed by its Chairman, Malaya A. Laraya, MBA, CIS, CSR, and RFP, who has over three decades of experience in the fields of finance, real estate, banking, and insurance.

The Ronin Group is a group of companies founded with the goal of achieving the following:

  1. Improving the competency of financial professionals
  2. Increasing the success rate of startups

Thus, the Ronin Group has created the following two companies, each focused on achieving one of the two goals:

  1. Ronin Business Ideas
  2. Ronin Core Services

Products / Services

Virtual CFO Services

To provide an evaluation/opinion as to the feasibility of the finances of a specific project, business or venture

To provide a recommendation as to the course of action with regards to a new or existing business proposal or venture

To act as a Virtual CFO that will lead the financial strategies of specific project, business or venture

To set up the financial structure of specific project, business or venture

To participate in a once a month Management Meeting and shall report on the financial progress of the specific project, business or venture

To provide financial highlights on the projected expenses and revenue and budgeting

To assist in Capital Raising of the specific project, business or venture

Financial Review Engagement For Start-ups

To perform financial review of the start-ups

To perform due diligence activities such as but not limited to review of the corporate business documents, shareholders’ beneficial ownership, equity structure etc.

To perform and understand the current business process

To identify the significant processes and accounts

To review the cash inflow and outflow & income and expenses,

To identify the monthly burn rate

Business Set-up and Support Services

To assist in Business Permit Registration/Renewal

To act as HR and Admin Support

To draft business documents such as but not limited to contracts, board resolutions, pitch deck etc.

To assist businesses in their local compliance work such as but not limited to monthly/quarterly/annual tax filing, mandatory government contributions etc.

To perform basic bookkeeping services

To prepare, file and audit of the annual financial statements (with our partnered CPA Practitioners)

Financial Literacy Services such as KeyNote Speaker

Material preparation and Keynote Speaker of the topics assigned such as but not limited to finance, insurance, real estate, stocks etc.

Collaboration with other invited Keynote Speakers

To answer participants’ queries during the event

To coordinate with the Client's Logistics/Training Team for the overall run of the event

Certified Financial Advisor for Life Programs

To provide online training facilities to Financial Advisors

To act as a training facilitator for topics enhancing the technical knowledge of the Financial Advisors




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